Founded in the nation’s capital with the mission of providing excellent healthcare and wellness to all.  We aspire to personable deliverance of services using contemporary evidence based methods and technologies.  We believe everyone is deserving of adequate healthcare.  Most of our service is focused on care for non life threatening medical condition.

The vision for The Convenient Clinic arose from concern for access to quality healthcare.  The Convenient Clinic is the first urgent care founded in Washington D.C. with concern for ALL including disadvantage under served limited access to health care individuals.  Our commitment is to providing quick, kind, quality healthcare for all.

Dr. Kumapley Lartevi, MD

Family Physician

Access to health care impacts one’s overall physical, social, and mental health status and quality of life.   We realize that for some, encounters at our facility is the entry point into the health care system.  Assisting patients with continuity of care is primarily driven by connecting patients with health care providers whom they can trust, communicate with and develop relationship beyond our service.  We educate and direct patients to healthcare partners in the community and make them aware of available resources.

We understand that virtues are pursued not attained.  We set our expectation high and aim to deliver excellence. Our corporate charter can be defined by the following:

Among our greatest privileges is the  honor to care for and serve.  We truly appreciate suggestions and welcome conversation aimed at progress and solutions that may positively impact individuals health and wellness.

Fully committed to eco – friendly approaches and devoted to best practices for reducing harmful or excessive waste.  As member of the world community, we fully welcome our responsibility to planet preserving measures.